The history of the Church shows that small, extended families of believers turned the world upside down - simply by their lives of common devotion and...View Details

In the season ahead, Restoration is transitioning to a network of Home Churches across the city. In this message, Justin lays out the vision behind th...View Details

Across culture and time, Christians have experienced hardship and persecution for the sake of the Gospel. As American Christians, we have much to lear...View Details

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but rather the presence of wholeness. Peacemaking, therefore, calls us into the conflict to build towards reconc...View Details

Over and over again in the Gospels, Jesus reminds us that our outward appearance of devotion can mask the emptiness of our own hearts - the very thing...View Details

Mercy is the posture and presence of compassion and kindness towards those in need - calling us outside of ourselves to love our neighbors. (Matthew 5...View Details

The world is broken, and our soul's cry our for justice and wholeness. (Matthew 5:6, Matthew 23:23-24)

Empires have always used force and might to show their power. But Jesus turns the notion of true strength upside down with 4 simple words: "Blessed ar...View Details

We cannot heal what we are unwilling to grieve. Jesus blessed those in the midst of loss, because it's in these moments we see Him by our side. (Matth...View Details

The world might have their own definition of "the good life." But as we begin looking at the Beatitudes, we see that Jesus calls all the "wrong people...View Details

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