Church is the outcome of the mission of God - not the mission itself. When we remember the Gospel we believe and the mission we've been given, Church ...View Details

James 5 calls us out of spiritual isolation and into the stories and struggles of others. And in response? We pray - because God is already present an...View Details

All healthy relationships experience conflict from time to time. So how do we handle these moments with healthy boundaries and a heart for reconciliat...View Details

James knows that love is always connected to our words - the way we speak, the way we listen, and the way we speak from the overflowing of our hearts....View Details

In James 2, we're called to take account on the ways we undermine the mercy of God by judging others based on our own perceptions and bias. As we move...View Details

In the words of E.O. Wilson, "We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom." James calls us to ask God for wisdom - and yet that wisdom o...View Details

The American definitions of freedom typically center on removing limitations. But in the kingdom of God - there are limitations that bring freedom and...View Details

Rest is not the opposite of work - it's the foundation of it. In this message, Alicia Sims shares about the gift, calling, and challenge of rest, and ...View Details

How do we live and love like Jesus at work without being... *that* Christian? In this message, we explore the what it means to be a patient, humble, a...View Details

We need a vision for our work life that more resembles the kingdom of God than the American dream. So how we learn to see our work as worship - and ho...View Details

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