Real community takes us out of ourselves and into the world of others, where we learn how to love like Jesus. And that starts with seeing how *He* lef...View Details

For the last 18 months, the world has been inescapably confronted by suffering and death. As we begin our journey in Philippians, we enter into the qu...View Details

The early Church lived with the expectation that their lives together should be so compelling different that people can't help but want to join them. ...View Details

If we're hope to share our faith, we'd better know what exactly we're inviting them into, right? So we're asking a simple, yet important question: wha...View Details

The word "evangelism" is bound to send a lot of us running. But we all naturally talk about the things that move us - what is beautiful, meaningful, p...View Details

Justin is joined by Pastor Justin Biragane, a Congolese Pastor and refugee who has been in the United States for 10 years. He shares about the plight ...View Details

This week, Justin is joined by Melissa Tibbs and Lindsay Anderson, two women on the front lines of poverty and homelessness in central Kentucky. Toget...View Details

Karen Bowman and Chandra Gray join Justin for a conversation on racism, bias, roadblocks, and the ministry of reconciliation through "Be The Bridge."

Hospitality in the New Testament literally means "loving the stranger." How might we - like Jesus - be a welcoming presence to the world around us? 

Surrounded by the enormity of the needs in front of them, Jesus tells his disciples first to pray. For those of truly seeking to love our neighbors we...View Details

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