22 times in the New Testament, the writers speak of Jesus setting down at the right hand of God. Why does the ascension matter, and how does it empowe...View Details

When the way we practice our faith in a way that excludes brothers and sisters in Christ, we're undermining the gospel. Because unity is a priority, w...View Details

In Acts 15, we see the growing cultural tension between Jewish Christians and the new Gentile believers. Instead of seeing Jesus through the lens of o...View Details

In Acts 8, Philip teaches us that God is already at work in places we'd never expect - and it's our job to be open, dependent, and expect God to call ...View Details

In Luke, the first recorded act of Jesus after His resurrection was a walk with a couple of friends - two disciples who are disoriented because the st...View Details

After 56 weeks, we're gathering in person in a limited capacity for worship! In this message, Justin talks about the ministry of presence, and how - l...View Details

The tomb is empty. But what does that mean for who we are in the here and now? (Luke 24:1-12)

Kings and warriors had ridden into Jerusalem before to the sounds of celebration. But the King who arrived on Palm Sunday didn't come to kill his enem...View Details

It's one thing for Jesus to welcome the least of these. But what happens when he welcomes a rich, powerful, and corrupt man who brings economic oppres...View Details

In Luke 16, Jesus tells a parable about hell. But more than a statement on the afterlife, Jesus is confronting the sin of cold indifference to the suf...View Details

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