In light of the events in our nation's capitol this past week, Justin shares what this moments means for followers of Jesus, and how we're challenged ...View Details

8 days after his birth, Jesus' parent bring him to a crowded Temple according to tradition. Yet among the thousands who passed them, two older saints ...View Details

God enters history in obscurity, through the life of a poor, Galilean teenage girl - marked by astounding faith and a song about a Messiah turning our...View Details

In Isaiah 61, we're promised that God's anointed would come and restore a broken and forgotten people... who would they go be restorers in their world...View Details

This week, we're closing out our time in the Old Testament with a Deeper Look at Isaiah 61 - a passage Jesus made central to his mission. Justin ...View Details

In the book of Joel, the people of Judah find themselves decimated by a catastrophe that's left them for dead. The prophet's call is to a heart-level ...View Details

In this edition of the Deeper Look Podcast, Kaleb and Justin unpack Daniel 6 - a story with huge implications for our modern moment. When allegiances ...View Details

In our first Sunday of Advent, we look to Daniel, King Darius, and the lion's den - a story about a man who must choose between compromising his convi...View Details

'Covenant' is one of the most prominent threads that runs through the Scriptures. In Jeremiah 31, the promise of God turns towards a day when obedienc...View Details

In the latest Deeper Look Podcast, Kaleb and Justin talk about Jeremiah 31, the thread of covenant through the Old Testament, and how God's longing to...View Details

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