With 2 days until the election, followers of Jesus need to remember where their ultimate hope is found - and the real-world hope that above all else, ...View Details

Elijah is one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. But before he confronted the powers of Ahab and Baal, he had to learn to trust God's powe...View Details

In 2 Samuel 7, King David is on top - his enemies defeated, now enthroned in Jerusalem, and ready for a building project to honor God. But God says no...View Details

This week, Kaleb and Justin jump into an incredibly important passage in the narrative of Scripture, where God says "no" to David's plans, but promise...View Details

This week we enter the story of Hannah, an overlooked, misjudged, and ridiculed woman who teaches us the power of praying from our pain, not in spite ...View Details

We jump forward in our Story to 1 Samuel 1, where we see the beautiful story of Hannah. Kaleb and Justin unpack the spoken and unspoken gender dynamic...View Details

After witnessing incredible displays of the power of God, the Israelites give into their fears and turned to worshiping an idol. We, too, are prone to...View Details

This week, Kaleb and Justin look closer at Exodus 32:1-14, where the Israelites forget their covenant promise to come and turn to idol worship. We, to...View Details

Passover serves as one of the central stories in the biblical narrative, not only telling us of the freedom God brings to the enslaved and oppressed, ...View Details

Each week, we take our weekend passages and go deeper than we'd normally have time to in a weekend gathering. This week, Kaleb and Justin unpack Passo...View Details

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