Kings and warriors had ridden into Jerusalem before to the sounds of celebration. But the King who arrived on Palm Sunday didn't come to kill his enem...View Details

It's one thing for Jesus to welcome the least of these. But what happens when he welcomes a rich, powerful, and corrupt man who brings economic oppres...View Details

In Luke 16, Jesus tells a parable about hell. But more than a statement on the afterlife, Jesus is confronting the sin of cold indifference to the suf...View Details

In one of His most famous parables, Jesus responds to the frustrations of the religious elite by redefining what it truly means to be lost - and found...View Details

In light of questions about suffering and sin, Jesus tells a parable about the patience persistent grace of God to bear the fruit of His life in us. (...View Details

Jesus uses a lawyer's question to tell a story that centers on a Samaritan - a cultural outcast with all the wrong theology who nonetheless embodies J...View Details

In January of 2017 we planted Restoration with a simple mission statement: "We believe Jesus is restoring people who restore the world. Our mission is...View Details

Jesus is amazed by the faith of a centurion - someone thought to be godless and faithless. But what was different about his faith than the crowds who ...View Details

Were the Pharisees all bad? No. But the ones that Jesus encounters in the Gospels display a legalistic heart that valued their traditions more than th...View Details

In Luke 4, Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth... and almost get's himself thrown off a cliff. Why? He challenged and upended their expectations...View Details

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