This week, Justin is joined by Melissa Tibbs and Lindsay Anderson, two women on the front lines of poverty and homelessness in central Kentucky. Toget...View Details

Karen Bowman and Chandra Gray join Justin for a conversation on racism, bias, roadblocks, and the ministry of reconciliation through "Be The Bridge."

Hospitality in the New Testament literally means "loving the stranger." How might we - like Jesus - be a welcoming presence to the world around us? 

Surrounded by the enormity of the needs in front of them, Jesus tells his disciples first to pray. For those of truly seeking to love our neighbors we...View Details

Americans can have radically different definitions of freedom. But the Bible makes clear what true freedom is in the kingdom of God: loving our neighb...View Details

We're surrounded by information and content. That's why we need to be filled and refilled through immersing our mind in the Scriptures - not just for ...View Details

Jesus tells us to love God with our whole selves - including our bodies. As we look to the Scriptures, we see that our physical reality is part of God...View Details

How do we love God with all of our heart? It begins by being honest about our desires, our longings, and our emotions - and the ways we offer our wors...View Details

God doesn't just have love or feel love. God is love. And that love works to dispell our fears and form us into the image of Jesus as sons and daughte...View Details

Jesus said we'd be known by the love we have for one another. But this love doesn't happen by accident. We need intentional, consistent habits as a co...View Details

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